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09 September 2009 @ 05:12 am
Prompt: link

Your story begins in a moving vehicle. (your choice - car, spaceship, boat, motorcycle, carriage, train, bus - whatever)
and/or includes
a clock
a lost item
something bright red

Joshua made his way through the moving carriage, the motion making him rock softly back and forth. He found his seat - G14 - and sat down, thankful that he was alone in his little area. In fact, the whole carriage was empty besides himself, attributed possibly to the fact that it was in the middle of the year, and not many travel to where he was heading. He looked out the window, obligatory slideshow of green expanse in his view, fitting for the cause of his journey.

After a while, he scourged through his backpack, easily finding the item he was looking for and taking it out.

It was a clock.

A clock, like any other clock. It gave away no special feeling to the casual observer, but Joshua held it in his hands like it was a fragile heirloom.

He smelled a whiff of strong perfume and looked up just in time to see the back of a woman in a fitting suit walk away, exiting the carriage as quickly as she came. He figured she might be making her way to the snack bar, and leaned back in his seat. The ticking of the clock accompanied him on his silent ride.

Joshua opened his eyes, not realising that he had fallen asleep. He took an awakening breath, rubbing his face to bring himself to alertness. The clock sat innocently across him.

Joshua stood up.

Cautiously, he took a step out to the aisle, looking around and finding himself still alone. There were still fields on either side of the windows, though it had turned dark, the train still rocking in motion to its destination. He was about to return to his seat when he saw a quick flash as his foot kicked something under it. Curious, he crouched down, hand tapping blindly on the floor until his fingers curled around a solid item. He got up, wiping the dirt off his clothes.

He opened his hand, and found himself staring at a single earring. Unspectacular. He threw it onto one of the seats and went back to his, letting out a deep sigh. Stray thoughts started to drift into his mind - the strange old man, the predicament he had found himself in, and this unknown person that he was supposed to meet at the other end, the only person who could save him. Everything happened so fast, this was the only time he was able to think about it.

He raised his feet to lay them on the seat across, but was instantly taken out of his relaxed state when he saw the red substance dripping from the bottom of his shoes. He stood up and looked down, finding the floor being rapidly covered in this red liquid. He stepped away, standing in the middle of the carriage. Left and right the liquid seeped from the bottom of both exits. The place started to strongly smell of iron, so much so that he had to cover his nose with his hand to keep from retching.

He knew what that liquid was. He quickly returned and grabbed the clock, staring at the hands that he now realises has stopped moving to just moments before. He shook his head, walking backwards in disbelief until his back hit the other side. The clock dropped from his grasp, useless to him now, and he buried his hands in his hair.

"No," he said, body lowering to crouch in fear.

"No," he whispered, as the rising blood started to seep through the bottom of his trousers.

"No..." he cried, when he felt the soft touch on his cheek.