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31 August 2009 @ 06:14 am
Prompt: Link

Your story starts with the sentence "Hold this."
and/or include:
a comb
ground pepper
a cat

"Hold this."

Luna scrunched up her face and held the offending item, keeping it away at arm's length.

"You know, I may not persecute you for what you do, but doesn't mean I have to like it."

"I said you didn't have to come," Liam mumbled, but still clearly heard by his friend.

"And let you scrounge around the crematorium yourself? You may be a cannibal, but you're a wimp. You wouldn't have come if I wasn't here. Now don't forget the hair."

"New doll?" he asked, chopping off the left arm in one swing. This one looked particularly tasty.

"Ugh" Luna turned away, putting away the thigh she held in her hand to one of their bags. She watched as Liam finally got on his feet and returned the body inside its chamber, before switching on the fires that would cover the tracks of their crime. "Done?" she asked.

Liam nodded, and they quickly packed up everything.


"I like it," Luna said after some appraisal, "It fits perfectly. It's always better with real hair." She gave the locks a little comb-through before getting off the bed and placing her newly completed doll on the shelf. A small smile graced her lips as her eyes traveled across her collection, each lovingly-made figurine an image of porcelain perfection.

"So," she said to the figure sitting at the desk behind her, "how is it?"

"Mmm," came an answer. There was a short pause, the isolated sound of meat being chewed between teeth before he continued, "Ground pepper. It needs ground pepper, I think."

Luna snorted, dumping herself onto her bed again and stretching out her tired muscles. That led her to give a little yawn, and she snuggled her head atop her feather pillows.

"We should get a cat," she said suddenly.

The clinking of metal on on the plate stopped, and a soft voice asked, "Why?"

She didn't answer immediately, and the room filled with silence. Her eyes traveled back to the many made of coloured glass, staring back at her, beautiful and empty.

"Just because," she answered.