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13 September 2010 @ 12:28 pm
Prompt: link

Your story revolves around a sporting event. (either as participants or spectators)
and/or include a bird, a photograph and a missing item.

Mary looked up at the sky, clear and blue, a solitary bird circling the peple below. The sound of dust swirling made her close her eyes as it past, and once reopened the bird had already become a fading spot. She was disappointed, slightly, at the loss of the flying spectator - she felt in her mind at least, that it would've picked her among the others to wish good luck.

She placed her oversized goggles over her eyes at the sound of the horn and trudged her way across the short expanse of the dessert to her awaiting vehicle. It was a sleek but primal thing, with bits and bobs sticking out that even she didn't know the use for. But The Virgo never let her down, so it wasn't going to be replaced anytime soon. She gave the hood an encouraging double tap before climbing in. It took her only a few seconds to get ready, and with a final two finger kiss to the photograph on the dashboard, she was ready.

The gun banged and cheers erupted as the cars blazed forward across dessert lands. It wasn't long before an explosion sounded in the distance and it took merely seconds for the dust cloud to engulf those trailing behind. Mary grinned and speeded up.

It wasn't long before only the pros were left, and that was the way she liked it. Now the real race could begin. Explosions were happening left and right, and the dust moved in a frenzy. Hills appeared and disappeared in moments and left many who couldn't focus disoriented.

A scream sounded just to Mary's left, and metal crushing as she zoomed forward. They had just passed the halfway mark.

Something shot up from the ground in front of her and she barely had time to swerve around it. More and more of these creatures popped up, and those unlucky were grabbed, either tossed around or pulled to an early underground grave. These were the Scorpions - man-made machines of mettalic destruction, created in the vision of the six-legged creature that towered over twelve feet.

Suddenly Mary was caught and her car was waved around in the air like a toy. She held on as hard as she could to the frames until she could catch her bearings. She felt rapidly around her dashboard for the lever to the emergency feature that would release her from such situations. She found it and quickly pulled.

Nothing happened.

It turned her mind blank for a couple seconds but quickly the panic arose as she was rocked back and forth. Something had gone terribly wrong. She pulled again and this time the lever itself came off in her hand.

And there she saw it. A piece, inside, was missing.

She was sabotaged.