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13 September 2010 @ 12:28 pm
Prompt: link

Your story revolves around a sporting event. (either as participants or spectators)
and/or include a bird, a photograph and a missing item.

Mary looked up at the sky, clear and blue, a solitary bird circling the peple below. The sound of dust swirling made her close her eyes as it past, and once reopened the bird had already become a fading spot. She was disappointed, slightly, at the loss of the flying spectator - she felt in her mind at least, that it would've picked her among the others to wish good luck.

She placed her oversized goggles over her eyes at the sound of the horn and trudged her way across the short expanse of the dessert to her awaiting vehicle. It was a sleek but primal thing, with bits and bobs sticking out that even she didn't know the use for. But The Virgo never let her down, so it wasn't going to be replaced anytime soon. She gave the hood an encouraging double tap before climbing in. It took her only a few seconds to get ready, and with a final two finger kiss to the photograph on the dashboard, she was ready.

The gun banged and cheers erupted as the cars blazed forward across dessert lands. It wasn't long before an explosion sounded in the distance and it took merely seconds for the dust cloud to engulf those trailing behind. Mary grinned and speeded up.

It wasn't long before only the pros were left, and that was the way she liked it. Now the real race could begin. Explosions were happening left and right, and the dust moved in a frenzy. Hills appeared and disappeared in moments and left many who couldn't focus disoriented.

A scream sounded just to Mary's left, and metal crushing as she zoomed forward. They had just passed the halfway mark.

Something shot up from the ground in front of her and she barely had time to swerve around it. More and more of these creatures popped up, and those unlucky were grabbed, either tossed around or pulled to an early underground grave. These were the Scorpions - man-made machines of mettalic destruction, created in the vision of the six-legged creature that towered over twelve feet.

Suddenly Mary was caught and her car was waved around in the air like a toy. She held on as hard as she could to the frames until she could catch her bearings. She felt rapidly around her dashboard for the lever to the emergency feature that would release her from such situations. She found it and quickly pulled.

Nothing happened.

It turned her mind blank for a couple seconds but quickly the panic arose as she was rocked back and forth. Something had gone terribly wrong. She pulled again and this time the lever itself came off in her hand.

And there she saw it. A piece, inside, was missing.

She was sabotaged.
10 December 2009 @ 03:21 pm

“Hell found me”

Alex stared at the monotonous blinking light on the screen; his eyes fixed on the words that seemed to get heavier every time he sees it. So, what now, he thought. Love, Alex? He let out an exasperated sigh and rolled his chair away from his laptop. Tilting his head back he closes his eyes, giving them the rest that they desperately needed. It stung, but the pain soon subsided.

He didn’t know how what time it was; his room was always dark - except from the light generated from the screen - that it is almost impossible to separate night from day. He had a window, but the heavy drapes cut off all the sunlight and they have never been pulled for years.

He got off from his seat and went to the adjoining bathroom. He took out a drinking glass from the medicine cabinet and put it under the tap. He turned it and watched the water flow freely into the glass. There was something strangely calming about water that Alex couldn’t quite put his finger on, so he just kept on watching. It was dark here too, but there was nothing interesting to see anyway. He turned off the tap just as the water was overflowing and it all went silent.

He took the glass back with him into his room and with his other hand pushed his chair back in front of the laptop and sat down. He put the glass on the table next to his Bible and typed in the rest of his message:

“Hell found me”

09 September 2009 @ 05:12 am
Prompt: link

Your story begins in a moving vehicle. (your choice - car, spaceship, boat, motorcycle, carriage, train, bus - whatever)
and/or includes
a clock
a lost item
something bright red

Joshua made his way through the moving carriage, the motion making him rock softly back and forth. He found his seat - G14 - and sat down, thankful that he was alone in his little area. In fact, the whole carriage was empty besides himself, attributed possibly to the fact that it was in the middle of the year, and not many travel to where he was heading. He looked out the window, obligatory slideshow of green expanse in his view, fitting for the cause of his journey.

After a while, he scourged through his backpack, easily finding the item he was looking for and taking it out.

It was a clock.

A clock, like any other clock. It gave away no special feeling to the casual observer, but Joshua held it in his hands like it was a fragile heirloom.

He smelled a whiff of strong perfume and looked up just in time to see the back of a woman in a fitting suit walk away, exiting the carriage as quickly as she came. He figured she might be making her way to the snack bar, and leaned back in his seat. The ticking of the clock accompanied him on his silent ride.

Joshua opened his eyes, not realising that he had fallen asleep. He took an awakening breath, rubbing his face to bring himself to alertness. The clock sat innocently across him.

Joshua stood up.

Cautiously, he took a step out to the aisle, looking around and finding himself still alone. There were still fields on either side of the windows, though it had turned dark, the train still rocking in motion to its destination. He was about to return to his seat when he saw a quick flash as his foot kicked something under it. Curious, he crouched down, hand tapping blindly on the floor until his fingers curled around a solid item. He got up, wiping the dirt off his clothes.

He opened his hand, and found himself staring at a single earring. Unspectacular. He threw it onto one of the seats and went back to his, letting out a deep sigh. Stray thoughts started to drift into his mind - the strange old man, the predicament he had found himself in, and this unknown person that he was supposed to meet at the other end, the only person who could save him. Everything happened so fast, this was the only time he was able to think about it.

He raised his feet to lay them on the seat across, but was instantly taken out of his relaxed state when he saw the red substance dripping from the bottom of his shoes. He stood up and looked down, finding the floor being rapidly covered in this red liquid. He stepped away, standing in the middle of the carriage. Left and right the liquid seeped from the bottom of both exits. The place started to strongly smell of iron, so much so that he had to cover his nose with his hand to keep from retching.

He knew what that liquid was. He quickly returned and grabbed the clock, staring at the hands that he now realises has stopped moving to just moments before. He shook his head, walking backwards in disbelief until his back hit the other side. The clock dropped from his grasp, useless to him now, and he buried his hands in his hair.

"No," he said, body lowering to crouch in fear.

"No," he whispered, as the rising blood started to seep through the bottom of his trousers.

"No..." he cried, when he felt the soft touch on his cheek.
31 August 2009 @ 06:14 am
Prompt: Link

Your story starts with the sentence "Hold this."
and/or include:
a comb
ground pepper
a cat

"Hold this."

Luna scrunched up her face and held the offending item, keeping it away at arm's length.

"You know, I may not persecute you for what you do, but doesn't mean I have to like it."

"I said you didn't have to come," Liam mumbled, but still clearly heard by his friend.

"And let you scrounge around the crematorium yourself? You may be a cannibal, but you're a wimp. You wouldn't have come if I wasn't here. Now don't forget the hair."

"New doll?" he asked, chopping off the left arm in one swing. This one looked particularly tasty.

"Ugh" Luna turned away, putting away the thigh she held in her hand to one of their bags. She watched as Liam finally got on his feet and returned the body inside its chamber, before switching on the fires that would cover the tracks of their crime. "Done?" she asked.

Liam nodded, and they quickly packed up everything.


"I like it," Luna said after some appraisal, "It fits perfectly. It's always better with real hair." She gave the locks a little comb-through before getting off the bed and placing her newly completed doll on the shelf. A small smile graced her lips as her eyes traveled across her collection, each lovingly-made figurine an image of porcelain perfection.

"So," she said to the figure sitting at the desk behind her, "how is it?"

"Mmm," came an answer. There was a short pause, the isolated sound of meat being chewed between teeth before he continued, "Ground pepper. It needs ground pepper, I think."

Luna snorted, dumping herself onto her bed again and stretching out her tired muscles. That led her to give a little yawn, and she snuggled her head atop her feather pillows.

"We should get a cat," she said suddenly.

The clinking of metal on on the plate stopped, and a soft voice asked, "Why?"

She didn't answer immediately, and the room filled with silence. Her eyes traveled back to the many made of coloured glass, staring back at her, beautiful and empty.

"Just because," she answered.